Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

AppEngine + Scala + JDO + GWT + Google Visualization API

Hi guys,

the last days I found myself playing with the Google AppEngine, a very easy to use and powerful cloud-hosting service powered by Google. I felt the need to code the server-side using Scala which resulted in some very neat and small code. (Special thanks to the superb XML-parsing and collection-framework in Scala)

Recently I enjoy playing a game called Heroes Of Newerth that is the successor of the famous Dota. This game as a public XML-API that I daily pull stats from - of user that 'registered' at my site:
So I parse the XML-data using Scala, make it persistent saving Java Data Objects (JDO) to the Datastore of the AppEngine. Users than can get the Data visualized using a combination of the Google Web Toolkit (GWT 2.0) and the Google Visualization API. I could create a pretty rich user-experience writing only about 1.000 Lines of Code Java/Scala code and a hand full of HTML and CSS.

Best Regards,